Making New Habits

2 days in a row – wow!  

I’ve become pretty good at breaking bad habits; now I need to work on creating new, better ones. In my lifetime, the biggies that I’ve overcome are cigarettes (2 pks a day for more years than I care to remember) and Diet Cokes (multiple, daily).  I’ve been off cigs for 13 yrs in January and off DC for over a year. The benefits, mainly those related to adding years to my life, are tremendous, but now I want to add positive habits into my days.

One positive habit that I’ve already incorporated is beginning my days with VFB (better known as veggies for breakfast).  Each morning I begin my day with a lb of non-starchy vegetables for breakfast. It sets the tone of my day. It tells my body that I’m not eating dessert for breakfast and then wondering why I’m sluggish and can’t function as well as I should.

First of the new habits I intend to cultivate is daily meditation. I’ve been researching options for doing this for long enough. Tomorrow my research (i.e., stalling period) ends, and I’ll begin with day 1. The app I’m using is Calm.  

I’ll follow that new habit with daily exercise. As I’m still recovering from this neck injury (giving true meaning to the term “pain in the neck”), my exercise of choice will be walking. The added benefit is that my neck problems decrease with walking daily, so hey – it’s a win-win!

Also, yoga.  Mainly stretching, but I will add this into my daily routine also. I’m not ready to go hard-core hot-yoga, but I do want to add a gentle practice of stretching, at least 20 minutes per day. Yogoglo has received glowing recommendations and I’ve already signed up and downloaded a couple of beginner stretching practices. 

That’s about all for now. Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe daily journaling here will be a new habit also?  Let’s wait and see on that one.



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