Saying Goodbye to 2015

Merry week after Christmas. What a fun time this has been: relaxing with the kids, hanging out with the hubs, and generally finding my center again. 

Last year I didn’t blog much but I did lose some weight – 30lbs if we’re counting.  I’ve still got a way to go, but I’m happy with the progress I made because for almost 3 months I was practically bed-ridden and working from home.  There’s just nothing like waking up one morning in excruciating pain and realizing that age has finally caught up to you.  I’ve managed to avoid neck surgery, and I’m finally off all pain meds.  Those are both really good things in my opinion.  

Now I’m working my way back to exercise. Walking and spin class are my limits for now. I’m not complaining, though. After months in a recliner or a bed, any movement feels fantastic.

I’m still amazed when I think that I had 3 steroid shots, and multiple instances of steroid packs prescribed (and taken), as well as any number of pain pills, muscle relaxers and nerve-blockers taken during the time I was injured, and I still managed to lose weight or maintain my loss.

The plan I began last year is the one that works for me. It reduces inflammation in the body, eliminating joint pain. My sinuses are clear, my skin and hair look great, and my body is still moving towards its ideal weight.  AND IT’S EASY.  Some people consider it extreme: “you don’t eat meat?” or “don’t you miss cheese?” or “I could never give up salt/sugar” and “how do you cook without oil?”

Let me say it again. IT IS EASY. For more information on it, check out:…

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