Day 9

Today’s workout: warmup + run 2/1 x 6 + cooldown (easy & done!); UBWO (nothing fancy, but I did it!); ab workout

I’m getting bored already with what I’ve been eating, so I spent some time checking out other people’s daily menus on LL and picked up some good ideas. Since we’re planning a run to the store tomorrow, I’ll be able to add the new items and try them out pretty soon. (It doesn’t take much to get me excited these days!)

I go back to work in just under a week, and I’m pretty nervous about it. I love my job – no doubt about that. It’s a rewarding career that allows me significant growth. Unfortunately, my ass grew in parallel to my career this past year. I’ve put some “personal” appointments on my calendar, which will allow me to prioritize my workouts. No more cancelling appointments with myself – I do enough work from home as it is, and I’m never out of contact thanks to the crackberry. I don’t think it will harm the company at all for me to prioritize my health & fitness. If anything, they should ultimately benefit from my having more energy, right? Anyway, that’s the last I’ll say about work because I do love my job and want to keep it; hence, I do not blog about it.

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