Day 8 (of 3 Weeks to a 30 Day Running Habit)

today’s workout: 5 min warm-up; 3/1 x 4; 1/1 x 4; 5 min cool-down
55 min. cardio

more later…

The workout was great. I really enjoyed the run. The 3 min. intervals were run veeeeeeery slowly, so I was able to keep my heartrate under control. The final 1/1 x 4 I ran at a much quicker pace. It felt so much better than the plodding along that I did for the 3 min. portions. I can’t weight until I can run farther/longer faster. The cardio dance stuff was fun, as usual. The dogs needed to be bathed so there went any time I’d have had for an ubwo. (pics of the dogs below!)

So far, I’m doing well to incorporate the running & extra cardio into my days while on holiday. I’ve got to figure out how to get some strength training in as well.

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