Flushing the Fat??

So I’ve been reading lately about the Fat Flush Plan, as well as the Perricone Promise. This all stems from an interest in detoxification, looking younger (or at least not any older than I am), and a desire to stick around for my kiddos a bit longer. If anyone out there is looking at my food journal, you’ll notice a few new things in there pretty regularly — at least until I figure out 1) if it’s do-able on a daily basis and 2) if it’s actually working for me.

The main factor in the Fat Flush plan is cran-water, and it’s certainly not the most tasty drink on the planet, but if it does actually flush my liver and get it working better, I’ll suck it down without complaint. Another key component to this plan is the absence of all caffeine. Well, that’s not happening yet for me. My thermo-plex contains about the same caffeine as a couple cups of coffee, and since I don’t drink coffee, I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Some of other new additions (i.e., ground flax seed, kefir, etc.) may enable me to lose some of the diet supplements I have been taking. We shall see!

Between figuring out meal plans for the next week, doing the shopping, picking up Hunter and then putting all the stuff away, it was 2:30 today before I realized I hadn’t eaten yet. Obviously, not off to a great start there. Exercise will happen sometime later today.

LATER: Exercise did happen, but Joel suggested Outback for dinner and boy did I indulge in the crab dip – yummy! At any rate, it’s done now, and I don’t think I went too far over my limits for today. With the recent lack of calories I’ve had, I’m sure I’ll live. I’ve set the goal for a 2-lb loss per week, and week 1 worked out better than planned, which is normal considering water-weight loss, etc. This week should work out well, also!

One thought on “Flushing the Fat??

  1. Oh, holidays are tough!!! Way to go on 3 weeks running, gilr! Awesome progress! Keep us posted on the fatflush thing, I need some of it…well, come to think, I need lots of it:)


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