Monday & another confession

It’s a crazy busy day for me as I leave for Denver tonight. I’m still enjoying Run Like a Mother and I’m reading Run Less, Run Faster (not only reading it but following the new runner – get ready for a 5k program). See, although I have done one half-marathon and used to run pretty regularly, I tore ligaments in my foot 2 yrs ago (or is it 3 now) and I’ve only recently been able to wear heels again, much less run for any sustainable distance or with any consistency.

During the course of being laid up and in flats, I ate my way through the depression that enveloped me and here I am now, trying to lose the poundage and acclimate myself to running again. The very positive good news is….. drumroll please there is NO pain or swelling in said foot when I run.

Sure, I don’t run far and I don’t run fast but I’m reinventing myself as a runner. This is the year of “new Judi runner chick” rather than “old Judi sits on her ass and is bummed she can’t run” model.

Life is good.

Confession: I almost NEVER remember to log my runs at btt and hence my gadget thingie is ridiculously pitiful. There you have it.

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