Confession # 1 (More to come!)

I almost forgot! Someone reminded me that confession is good for the soul, so let’s see how many days I can come up with something to share that’s not too out there.

Today’s confession —- I love Nelly’s Just a Dream, but really it’s Nelly I love.

There, I said it out loud, or in print.

12 thoughts on “Confession # 1 (More to come!)

  1. Judi. Just found your blog site and enjoy reading it. Seems like you get a lot from your running, and that’s what many of us enjoy. I also admire your other forms of fitness, the cycling, etc. I’ve had some of same non-blister pain you’ve described–feels like a burning sensation to me, too. I’ve using s light pumice stone to get the rough skin down to softer tissue, and then I apply skin lub to reduce the friction when I run. It’s fun watching runners/bloggers progress. Good luck continuing with your running goals. ALL FITNESS IS GOOD FITNESS. I post with another running friend, Amy. We discuss everything about running, just fun stuff. We’ll look forward to reading more of your site and following your progress. Keep up the good running and posting! Tom


  2. Hi Judi. Just found your blog site and wanted to say hi and wish you the best with your running.I like your approach of following the HM training program even without a race in mind.Running long and slow is a great way to move to higher levels of fitness. Hope you continue to enjoy your running and posting.Keep up your good work!


  3. Sometimes the things we wrestle with the most are the things we fear the most. Figure out why you fear being a different size or having a sub-par level of fitness and it might be easier to make a permanent life change :)Thanks for reading my blog!


  4. Your posts are helpful to me. Even though I run a lot, I still struggle with my weight–and it all comes down to good and not so good choices. The key word is consistent, isn’t it? Not sure what you mean about “it’s probably just me” but let me assure you, you’re not alone.Enjoy the time watching your daughter. For me, it’s watching my daughter lead the marching band as drum major.Keep up the good running and living!


  5. What a slacker!!!1 You should be running 582 miles a day!!!!*grin*Nice to see the loveliest red head on the internet, but dang those kids have gotten big since I last saw their pictures.How’s Joel?


  6. Good luck with your training and marathon goal.I tried to get to your e-mail but couldn’t for some reason.Is your son still in the system (public schools) or has he graduated?Interesting about the communication device and his progress being a threat to what? Him qualifying for a certain classroom? I have never heard of such a thing.And shame on the district saying it would be “too expensive” to keep the device updated. That’s DDD’s responsibility and the Speech Path’s too!Sounds as if you needed a lawyer a long time ago.Here we have the opposite thing going on. Parents really don’t want to see this child improve as the behaviors will probably improve and then they will have to take her back. It’s a can of worms and I am just trying to do right for this kid.Nice talking with you! :-)Hope your hips feel better! (Yoga stretches really help!)


  7. Hi Judy, I went through Elite, too. I loved it. Coach Dave is something else. You'll learn more about yourself than you bargained for, but it is great thing! Happy New Year!


  8. You like the book? Is it geared towards a working mother? I've skimmed through it before. Not sure if I should purchase it.Thank you for your words of encouragement!!


  9. According to my Kindle, I'm only 20% through the book, so take my comments with a grain of salt. I'm enjoying it. It's motivational, and I like their styles of writing. For a completely new runner, I'm sure it's immensely helpful. At only 20% in, I'm not necessarily learning anything new but it's a good read. I intend to finish it and will consider it money well spent for the pure enjoyment I get from reading other “moms” take on running. Plus, they (and the other moms they quote) are WAY more experienced at running than me. I'm sure the “aha!!” moments are soon to come.Thanks for reading!


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