Merry Christmas Eve!

I got up early this morning and did my run on the treadmill before we left. It’s a good thing, too, because after what I ate there, I can’t imagine running this evening. I had hoped to wake up early enough to take Molly with me (she needs to ease back into running also), but we woke later than planned, and it was raining, and she’s just getting over a doggie ear infection (excuses ad nauseum). Suffice it to say, I did the run – just without the doggie.

Today was a great day with the family at mom’s. My sister and niece were there, as well as Daddy, Mom, Donnie & our gang. Dad let us pressure him into reading the Cajun Night Before Christmas to the kids. They’re so far removed from the life we lived growing up in and around New Orleans that they didn’t know half of what he was talking about. When he fell back into his true accent, I thought Hunter would flip! She kept looking at me like, “what’s going on, mom?” but she still loved it! The day culminated with the kids singing Happy Birthday to “baby Jesus” as they do every year. Mom always bakes the birthday cake, and the kids always sing. It was adorable seeing them, aged 19 through 2, singing their little hearts out, then once the candle was blown out, Nicholas piped in with “happy birthday!” He’s my adorable little guy!!

Nicholas was so exhausted that after getting home, he ate dinner and immediately went to bed. I don’t think Santa needs to worry about the little guy surprising him in the middle of the night. Hunter is another story, though. After we finished dinner, she helped me bake cookies for Santa. (The ones we made last week were all eaten already!) She made some really cute cookies that I think Santa will love. Since he’s already begun snacking on them, I can say that with a high degree of confidence.

Tomorrow is a *rest* day per the running plan. I do intend to do some sort of cardio and definitely some stretching. My legs could really use the stretching. I think I’ve been too lax about doing that properly. Oh! And next week, I’ll call the trainers/gym at the office and schedule 2 sessions per week for upper body training. Having an appointment to keep will work well towards establishing a routine for me.

Have a wonderful Christmas Day!

[eta: In the spirit of looking forward and being thankful, in addition to all the wonderful blessings I have (family, friends, gainful employment, my health, etc.), I’m also thankful that my supplements arrived yesterday – yay!]

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