Coincidence or just good timing?

I woke up to a nice little drop on the scale, but also to my doggie having puked at some point in the middle of the night in our bedroom. How we didn’t hear her, I don’t know. Anyway – got that cleaned and breakfast made for the gang and I was ready to exercise. Excited about it, even. [this is actually a big deal!] Joel wanted me to wait until Nicholas’ naptime, and I was worried I’d find some way to procrastinate and ultimately skip the workout, but I didn’t. The enthusiam was even greater after I looked up my day 4 treadmill workout (3 weeks to 30 minute running habit compliments of and saw that I could move beyond the 1/1 run-walk. yay!

Today’s workout: 35 minutes treadmill, 5 min warmup, 2/1 x 5, 1/1 x5, 5 min cooldown. 1 hour cardio (samba) dvd. This is still so elementary in the grand scheme of things, but I’m trying to remind myself that I’ve got to ease into it so I don’t get hurt and acquire an excuse to do nothing.

On to the title of the post. Shortly after finding the doggie mess (see Molly in pic at right), I heard my crackberry making that ominous noise that tells me I have a new e-mail. If it wasn’t for the fact that I also get personal e-mail there, I’d not have touched it since this is vacation time, but I did. What I found when I did check it is that in March of 2008, there will be a Texas Independence Relay. It’s a 2 day, 200 mile run for teams of 8 to 12 persons. I REALLY think I want to do this!
Is that not the coolest thing?? A year is enough time to prepare for it, and my company has a number of individuals who, I think, would be interested. I plan to send an e-mail out to the group next week to see if I can drum up some interest. In the meantime, I am about to begin preparing to ride the BP MS150 (Houston to Austin) in April 2007. There’s a safety seminar I’ll be attending on January 6th, and from there, I’ll be ready for to begin the training rides. Joel and Sandra (long-time friend and also former smoker!) are both riding as well. Sandra & Tony have done the ride for the past 2 years, and Joel’s done it many other times, but this will be my first.
All sorts of good things happening in the near future, and I’m more and more excited about the possibilities!

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