The weekend

This was a crappy weekend. Joel’s return flights got all screwed up, so instead of arriving back in Houston at 8:00 ish, he wasn’t home until past 2:00 a.m. That meant we didn’t ride on Saturday morning. We switched the sitter to Sunday morning, and upon waking and finding out it was in the low 30s, we canceled that ride also.

I feel like a fat bum. I swear I’ve got a freaking food hangover, and I got NO exercise this weekend.

Oh, and to top things off, Girl Scout cookies arrived this week. Hunter sold over 200 boxes, so my dining room looks like a distribution center right now. I’m so close to taking the boxes we ordered in to the office and setting them up at the coffee bar so I don’t have them in the house for temptation. That’s hardly fair to the kids who don’t have my binge issues, but it would sure make life easier for me.

On a better note, I really enjoyed working out at lunch with V this week. I intend to continue, as much as practical. Maybe getting in two workouts a day – one short one at lunch – will help fight off the extra calories I can’t seem to help but consume.

Now, about running.. I’m supposed to do a 10k on Saturday. I’m thinking of dropping back to the 5k so I can still run and not be concerned about keeling over at the end. Any thoughts?

Off to feed the family then do the Brownie meeting. Go Girl Scouts! 🙂

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