I think I am a turtle

Today’s workout: 5 min. warm-up + 4/1 x 4 + 2 min. cooldown (total run 27:00 min. 1.6 miles)

God, could I move any more slowly? Sometimes, I think not. I can just picture some nameless, faceless stranger out there (or Joel) reading this shaking his/her head and saying, “nope, Jude… you’re about as slow as it gets!”

Well, slow or not, I did the run for today. I didn’t even get started until after 10:00 p.m. I considered just crawling into bed and doing it in the morning, but since I didn’t drag myself out of bed to run when the alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. today, I was fairly certain tomorrow wouldn’t be much different. Just told myself it was only 30 minutes max, and I’m still only 2 weeks into this and can’t quit just yet. I’m glad I ran. It felt good.

Now off to bed – I’m beat!

One thought on “I think I am a turtle

  1. When I feel I go as a turtle, I congratulate myself to not officially break into a walk – meaning still keeping the form and pumping my arms. Speed comes with practice, patience, form, and practice:)


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