Happy New Year!

Today’s workout: 5 min. warm-up + 2/1 x 8 + 5 min. cooldown – DONE!

The whole family carted ourselves off to the Texans’ final game of the season today. The Texans WON! Yippee!! We have season tickets and usually try to go as often as we’re in town and able, but normally it’s just Joel and me without the kiddos. We’ve taken Nicholas a few times and that’s worked out well, but today was the first time in ages that we brought both of them along. Midway through the game, a guy sitting next to me complimented us on how well behaved the kids were. [For you non-parental types out there, this is every parent’s dream come true!] I was pretty impressed with the little munchkins myself – as far as kids go, they’re pretty cool. And now the little guy is all tucked into bed and Hunter is having a sleepover at a friend’s house. Things are quiet here, and Joel is watching football while I mull over my goals for 2007.

First, these goals have got to be specific and not fluffy. That’s worth repeating: NOT FLUFFY! “Consistent resistance training” sounds fine, but it’s not measurable. I want to define these goals in a way that’s not overkill, not fanatical and jumping in considerably faster than I can maintain, and most of all, I do want to challenge myself. Keeping that in mind, below is my attempt to list my goals, all of which are subject to change.

2007 Goals


1. Lose 30 lbs PERIOD. [This one is non-negotiable and is entirely for health reasons despite the fact that Joel thinks it’s all about vanity.]

2. Train to run an under 10 minutes mile. [Yes, this is still phenomenally slow, but for me, it’s a huge improvement! Baby steps, right?]

3. Incorporate resistance training (i.e., weights) 3 X per week, with cardio (primarily running + cycling) 4-5 X per week.


1. Cycle the BP MS150 – registered & ready to ride on 21 & 22 April! Safety training course on 6 Jan, and regularly scheduled training rides to follow.

2. Run 3 5Ks (races tbd)

3. Run 2 10Ks (races tbd)


1. Maintain performance at current level consistent with requirements to retain position in employer’s high-potential program.

2. Better organize self so as to complete all work in office and not have to bring it home at night.

3. Identify position for next move and determine requirements for achieving a managed move into desired position. Discuss with mentor and map out plan for success.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hey Judi,It’s Emily (Emma) from LL. Just thought I’d drop you a line and say hi! I can totally relate to be complimented on well behaved children. That always makes me feel good.Looks like you have some awesome goals for 2007. No doubt you will conquer each one!:-)Emma


  2. Judi, great goals! Getting under 10 mm is possible – check out Angie Pink Fuzzy, she did it! Adding weight training is beneficial for a boost on metabolism. I would add a half-marathon to races as a longer progression goal:)Hapy New Year!


  3. Almost forgot: the picture of you and kids is so cute! And your Lean Journal counts so little! May be I should get motivated finally as well and visit you as an example. Jules used to have her food journal online, and at least I could take a peek and feel guilty more often:)


  4. Olga, my food should be more in line with today’s journal (~ 1400 kcals) versus the recent 800 – 900 -ish days. I just don’t particularly like eating healthy food, and do get full faster when I eat the right way. Feel free to fuss at me if my calories seem to stay too low. 🙂 Otherwise, one day I’ll wake up and binge in a grossly obscene way that will just blow all progress right out the door. LOLThanks for the good thoughts, everyone!


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