Starting Over & Looking Forward

There’s absolutely nothing like taking up laziness as a hobby and gaining 30 lbs in less than a year. So, as of yesterday, I’m giving up that bad habit and embracing (again) the better habit of exercise and eating well. I swear that it was almost like a race to see how much weight I could gain and in how little time. Almost 30 lbs in 2-ish months, and then I just kept right on eating… yuck.

On to more positive things – enough of what I’ve done wrong. Here’s what I’m now doing right. For starters, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday – 5 min warmup; 1/1 x 10 (5mph) and 5 minute cooldown. Nothing phenomenal, but after complete inactivity for a year, it was something. Also did a Core Rhythms dvd, which I love! Dancing is fun, my abs can use the work, and Hunter was able to do it with me, which was a bonus – quality time with the kiddo!

Today included a nice long walk with the kiddos & both doggies, as well as more dancing with Hunter and treadmill time for me. We only have 2 more Christmas gifts to purchase, so we’re really enjoying the time off from work and school and just doing fun family stuff. No more rushing around doing the last minute Christmas thing – this might be the first time in years I’ve been ready early!

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